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Kevin Leinum  and  Breanne Leinum,  Long-Term Care Insurance Experts, San Diego, CA.

Kevin and Breanne Leinum are based in San Diego, CA and are recognized experts in Long-Term Care Planning.  Their mission is to help educate and protect individuals, families, and businesses from the potentially significant costs of Long-Term Care.  As independent agents, they represent the top carriers in the market and customize plans to meet the specific needs of their clients. They work with Financial Advisors, Estate Planners, Employee Benefit Brokers, and CPAs as their LTC Specialist to protect their clients from this considerable risk.  They also have four major San Diego Credit Unions that endorse them as their dedicated long term care specialists.

Contact Kevin and Breanne Leinum today for more information on Long-Term Care Insurance and how you can protect your future and your assets by insuring yourself against the risk of needing long-term care.
Telephone (619) 886-5665

Kevin Leinum Breanne Leinum
CA Insurance Lic. #0G01962 CA Insurance Lic. #0E22458
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Why is Long Term Care Important?

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